Friday, 25 November 2011

A student’s life in a University will comes only once in our life. So, we should appreciate it for being here. We should also enjoy this life that will never get back. I perceive myself as a student by getting involved with some extracurricular activity in University. Furthermore, the University newspaper, a literary magazine and a badminton club, really anything could be mentioned when describin ghow you could contribute to a sense of community and teamwork on campus. Specific goals to get involved with a group as teamwork is the best thing to perceive as a student. In the other hand of the classroom environment bit of the question, choosing a social characteristic of mine, maybe something about my friends or family have noted about me, that could contribute to a group discussion. In the nutshell, I will mention positive attitude and enthusiasm, and don’t be afraid to elaborate on my strong points. This is how I perceive myself as a student.

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