Friday, 25 November 2011

I have really enjoyed writing in this class this semester and yet I still don’t think that writing everyday will necessarily push all the good out of a person. I don't think it works like that. I think that every person does what he or she wants to do in a way. I want to believe that I am better for simply practicing the moves so that when the times does come and inspiration strikes me between the eyes, i wont be halted by the need to hit backspace on the keyboard. I am full of so much thought on a day to day basis because I am so introspective and I hope that i was able to release those thoughts floating around without running into a wall every other minute or so. I think the summary that we wrote based on the movie that we watched, was very helpful for us in our writing.  I reflect on this because sometimes I think I get myself into the habit of doing what comes easiest instead of challenging myself to try something, out of the ordinary. Thanks, for the opportunity to be in your class this semester, for the most part it has been a pleasure.
A student’s life in a University will comes only once in our life. So, we should appreciate it for being here. We should also enjoy this life that will never get back. I perceive myself as a student by getting involved with some extracurricular activity in University. Furthermore, the University newspaper, a literary magazine and a badminton club, really anything could be mentioned when describin ghow you could contribute to a sense of community and teamwork on campus. Specific goals to get involved with a group as teamwork is the best thing to perceive as a student. In the other hand of the classroom environment bit of the question, choosing a social characteristic of mine, maybe something about my friends or family have noted about me, that could contribute to a group discussion. In the nutshell, I will mention positive attitude and enthusiasm, and don’t be afraid to elaborate on my strong points. This is how I perceive myself as a student.
After a year of focused work in English I feel I have developed the skill

to articulate what I want to convey to the reader in

multiple ways. Looking at my most recent paper, the research paper, I

think that I have grown at organization and careful flow

of thoughts. The research paper I wrote was on the “cellular”. I could

have chosen an easier subject to research, but I felt I had

acquired the skills that I needed to really learn and understand this

complicated issue. My dad’s side of the family is all English

speakers and throughout my life I have always heard them talking in

English. After a heavy research, I’ve realized that each

group of people has valid points on why they think the holy land

should be theirs. In English class, I have furthered my

knowledge on current events and what’s going on in the world around

me. I would say that “cellular” was my favorite piece to

write. Another writing that I really enjoyed and felt I had a lot of insight

is, reflection on English class. As I was whipping out

my ideas on paper I realized I was citing a lot of what happened

in the book, and I was becoming increasingly talented at using

specific information from a book source in a paper that I was writing. I

think that “reflection on English class” affected me a lot

because that really focused me into understanding what is writing. I

think reading books has improved my writing skills.

I’ve learned from the book to add more of what my characters are

feeling and thinking when I’m writing.

In my previous semester’s English class I did not have the privilege to have the English lecturer which I have now in this semester. The speaking corner which held in previous semester wasn’t much joyful compare to this semester because this semester’s speaking corner  title was given by the lecturer and the title was very interesting and knowledge able. In addition, we have the chance to gain some general knowledge. I learned how to recite properly for English papers. I find myself more interested in this class. I like the way we view topics, it amazes me because in previous semester’s English class I don’t think  my class ever thought outside the box. In literal terms, I mean, I don’t think we ever thought about issues such as this. In English class I like how our lecturer  taught us the syllabus. I have never learned this method of teaching and apparently it works for me.