Friday, 25 November 2011

After a year of focused work in English I feel I have developed the skill

to articulate what I want to convey to the reader in

multiple ways. Looking at my most recent paper, the research paper, I

think that I have grown at organization and careful flow

of thoughts. The research paper I wrote was on the “cellular”. I could

have chosen an easier subject to research, but I felt I had

acquired the skills that I needed to really learn and understand this

complicated issue. My dad’s side of the family is all English

speakers and throughout my life I have always heard them talking in

English. After a heavy research, I’ve realized that each

group of people has valid points on why they think the holy land

should be theirs. In English class, I have furthered my

knowledge on current events and what’s going on in the world around

me. I would say that “cellular” was my favorite piece to

write. Another writing that I really enjoyed and felt I had a lot of insight

is, reflection on English class. As I was whipping out

my ideas on paper I realized I was citing a lot of what happened

in the book, and I was becoming increasingly talented at using

specific information from a book source in a paper that I was writing. I

think that “reflection on English class” affected me a lot

because that really focused me into understanding what is writing. I

think reading books has improved my writing skills.

I’ve learned from the book to add more of what my characters are

feeling and thinking when I’m writing.

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